New tools help businesses during COVID-19

COVID-19 is having a huge impact on businesses. Lots of high tech giants have workers working from home as a permanent policy.

But as small business owners, you don’t have the options or resources to avoid dealing with customers. You still have to grow your businesses, get in touch with your customers, and collect payments.

WikiPro has features that will help businesses get the support they need, adapt their operations, and quickly update customers about their latest challenges.

Texting is the preferred communication channel in today’s world. This is even more important during the pandemic. Research shows that SMS open rates are as high as 98%, comparing that to just 20% of all emails. Additionally, it typically takes 90 seconds for someone to respond to a text and 90 minutes to respond to an email.

Grow customers

You can grow your customers by our text to reviews module. It’s simple to get tons of Google or facebook reviews. You simply send a review request, and your customers leave a review under 30 seconds. It’s easy to use.

Reviews can make or break a business. When customers search for a business, the first thing they will see is your ratings and reviews. Google and Facebook puts businesses with higher ratings and reviews on the first page.

By seeking more reviews, you are more likely to be found by the search engines, hence more customers.

Reduce or Eliminate Office Visit

Communication, communication, communication. A good business is all about communication

When you have good communication with your customers, your customers are happier and you make more sales.

WikiPro is an all-in-one business communication tool that covers it all, from instant messaging, file sharing, voice chat, video chat, team group chat, e-signature, and more.

Our instant chat tool allows you to send and receive text messages instantly with your business landline number. This is a big deal as the business landline number is a huge sales boost. You may miss business opportunities already as customers are unaware that they can text a landline number, unless you go with WikiPro and make it happen.

All you need is a web browser with Internet access. Our shared inbox feature allows you to add all of your team members into a conversation. Each team member has its own unread count, so everyone knows whether a new message comes in, with everyone talking in the same conversation.

Your customers will be quick to get back to you in seconds. Both you and your customers no longer need to wait long for the others to respond.

If you need customer to sign a PDF document, pick up our e-signature module. Your customers receive the signature request via texting.

You can use our tools to share files with customers, have a voice or video call with your customers.

In fact, we have many businesses running our platform without any customer office visits. Everything is done with the WikiPro platform.

Contactless Payment

WikiPro text to pay module provides a contactless payment option. You can avoid in person transactions altogether and handle payments by text message. You can simply text a payment link to your customers and they can enter their credit card information safely and securely.

Even if you’re face to face with a customer, you can still use the text to pay tool to reduce risk.

The text to pay tool also minimizes missing payments and reduces the operation cost. You no longer have to chase down payments by un-responsive emails or phone calls.

If you haven’t text enabled your business line yet, visit our pricing page and pick out a plan and try WikiPro for free.

Originally published at on August 20, 2020.




CTO of WikiPro, All-in-one Business to Customer Communication Platform.

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Sam Xia

Sam Xia

CTO of WikiPro, All-in-one Business to Customer Communication Platform.

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