Introducing WikiPro

My name is Michael and I am a CPA (Certified Public Accountant).

Over the years, I figured out the biggest issue for my CPA business is customer communication. Countless hours spent on office visits, information exchange, and paper signatures. My clients tend to not answer phone calls, and emails are not promptly replied to.

I searched the Internet and tried to find a solution. No luck.

There is Skype or WhatsApp, but they do not address my concern of security. My clients use different types of instant chat apps, but I can’t use all of them in my office. I cannot get client messages to my entire team easily.

There is Slack. However, Slack is used for internal team communication. I need to communicate with external customers.

There are millions of professionals such as accountants, lawyers, doctors and real estate agents. So I figured the market is huge. So I decided to create my own solution. I teamed up with my CTO to build a perfect solution for professionals like me. After 3 years, we have finally built the solution.

WikiPro is an all-in-one business to customer communication platform. There’s instant messaging, file sharing and e-signatures. You no longer need to send customers text messages via your personal mobile phone. Business messages have no limit: ask for information, sign a signature within seconds, set reminders to follow up, schedule meetings, and view reports on customer engagement.

WikiPro consists of a web app and mobile app. Professionals can use either web or mobile app to send business messages to customers. Professionals can send text/SMS messages to customer’s mobile phones.

The communication is organized by topic, similar to Slack Channel. Professionals can easily organize an internal team such as payroll or bookkeeping with external customers. The messages are securely delivered to all internal team members and the corresponding customers.

For business texting, WikiPro can text enable a business landline number, which is a huge plus as a business office phone number is a crucial aspect of a business.

For added features, customers can install the free Android/ios WikiPro App for unlimited messages. The WikiPro App works like WhatsApp from a customer’s perspective.

We saw great success with our WikiPro software. Customer communication time was cut by 50% and office visits were reduced by 75%. We saw customers refer friends to professional offices as it was easy for them to do business together.

WikiPro has a free trial, with no credit card required. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

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CTO of WikiPro, All-in-one Business to Customer Communication Platform.

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Sam Xia

Sam Xia

CTO of WikiPro, All-in-one Business to Customer Communication Platform.

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